Core Facilities

Animal Behavior Core

Rodney Cavero Samaco, Ph.D.

Contact Information
Phone: (832) 824-8788
Fax: (832) 825-1249

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute,
Suite 325.00
1250 Moursand St.
Houston, TX 77030

The Animal Behavior Core provides all NRI investigators with access to, and training on the use of, behavioral assays in mice. Specialized equipment enables computerized and automated assessment of learning and behavior. Located in the NRI vivarium, the Animal Behavioral Core comprises 19 testing rooms in approximately 2000 square feet of custom-designed space. 

Core Services

 The Core performs most of the common rodent behavioral assays that measure -

Circadian activity
General locomotor activity
Motor coordination
Spatial learning and memory
Sensorimotor processes
Touch sensitivity
General anxiety levels
Compulsive behaviors
Fear conditioning
Novel object recognition
Sociability and social novelty
Aggression, social stress and violence
and many other parameters

For technical and pricing questions, please contact the Core Director.