Core Facilities

Bioinformatics Core

Zhandong Liu, Ph.D.

Contact Information

Phone: 832-824-8878
Available by email or by appointment
Drop-in consulation hours: Fridays between 3-5pm 


The Bioinformatics Core provides NRI investigators with professional bioinformatics analysis and also develops novel statistical or mathematical tools to support various types of biomedical research projects. The Core has expertise in systems biology applications, analytical methods, data annotation, and data integration.

Core Services

The Core provides following experimental services –

Analyses of whole genome or exome sequences
Assembly of novel genomes,
Poly A selection (coding genes)
Detection of variant alleles
Identifying DNA and histone modifications,
Analysis of RNA seq or microarray data
ncRNA analysis
RNA editing analysis
And other bioinformatic analyses

For technical, scheduling or pricing questions, please contact the Core Director.