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Synopses of the latest breakthrough publications from the NRI faculty

NRI scientists identify a potential new therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
Zoghbi's team has identified a key regulator of both alpha-synuclein and tau levels, which can potentially be developed as a therapy for certain neurodegenerative diseases.

Insufficient energy production by mitochondria can induce light-dependent degeneration of photoreceptor neurons

Bellen and colleagues identify new mechanisms leading to mitochondrial dysfunction-mediated neuronal degeneration.

Neuronal hyperactivity impairs neuronal regeneration by accelerating the loss of neural stem cells

This collaborative study demonstrates how hippocampal neural stem cells respond to neuronal hyperactivity.

 Starvation and exercise stimulate autophagy via a novel lysosomal signaling mechanism

In this study, Ballabio and colleagues describe how cells respond to environmental cues by deploying autophagy.

NRI researchers significantly expand the Drosophila genetic tool kit 

In this study, Bellen and colleagues report how they generated new genetic tools in fruit flies.

 Voltage-gated calcium channels regulate autophagy in neurons 

This study descibes a novel function for voltage-gated calcium channels in neurons.

 Chicken and mice models provide new insights into repairing human neonatal brain injury

This study describes a novel mechanism for remyelination of neurons after neonatal brain injury. 

 Fruit fly research paves the way for biomedical discoveries

 This editorial explains how fruit fly research facilitates biomedical discoveries.

Glial lipid droplets: A promising eary biomarker for certain neurodegenerative conditions 

This study from Dr. Hugo Bellen's team identifies a novel mechanism by which mitochondrial defects and oxidative stress lead to neurodegeneration.

Science Translational Medicine publishes a white paper on the NRI symposium on catastrophic epilepsy

This review describes the main highlights of the 2014 NRI symposium on catastrophic epilepsy.

Mitochondrial fusion regulates neuromuscular junction development via steroid hormone synthesis 

This study from Dr. Hugo Bellen's identifies new roles for Drosophila mitochondrial fusion proteins in synapse growith.

Hippocampal place cells: Architects of the brain's subway map

This study from Dr. Yuri Dabaghian's lab proposes a unifying theory to explain how our brains represents spatial information required for navigation.

A novel neuropeptide signaling integrates adult-born neurons into existing circuitries

This study from Dr. Benjamin Arenkiel's lab describes a novel function for corticotrophin release hormone (CRH) in the survival and integration of adult-born neurons.

 Merging fly genetics with cutting-edge genomics offers a rapid method to identify human disease genes 

A large collaborative study from Drs. Hugo Bellen, Michael Wangler and James Lupski's labs describes a method to rapidly identify rare disease mutations.