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Ben Deneen_small
  Dr. Deneen is interested in elucidating molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in gliogenesis and how dysregulation of these processes leads to various neurological disroders such as cerebral palsy and white matter injury.

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Spotlight on Texas Children's cutting-edge epilepsy research

Dr. John Swan, director of the Cain Foundation Labs and co-director of Neurological Research Institute (NRI) describes how close collaborations among NRI/Texas Children's physician-scientists is crucial to identify and clinically translate cutting-edge discoveries for childhood epilepsies.



About NRI

The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children's Hospital (NRI) opened in December 2010. Dedicated to improving the lives of patients facing devastating neurological disorders, the NRI is a basic research institute committed to understanding the pathogenesis of neurological diseases with the ultimate goal of developing treatments.