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New Research Tools

New Research Tools

The researchers at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI) have developed the following computational tools that speed up the pace of scientific discovery all over the world:

Aminode: A user-friendly web tool, developed by Dr. Marco Sardiello’s team, for the routine and rapid inference of evolutionarily constrained regions (ECRs), hallmark for the sites of critical importance for a protein’s structure or function. Aminode is pre-loaded with the results of the analysis of the whole human proteome compared with proteomes from 62 additional vertebrate species. The profiles of the relative rates of amino acid substitution and ECR maps of human proteins can be searched and downloaded from Aminode website.

CRISPRcloud: A user-friendly, cloud-based, data analysis pipeline that was co-developed by researchers in the laboratories of Drs. Zhandong Liu and Huda Zoghbi, for the deconvolution of pooled CRISPR screening datasets. This tool serves a dual purpose of extracting, clustering and analyzing raw next generation sequencing files derived from pooled screening experiments and presents them in a user-friendly way on a secure web-based platform. Learn More

MARRVEL: a publicly available website, co-developed by Dr. Hugo Bellen’s team and researchers in the Undiagnosed Disease Network, that integrates information from six human genetic databases and seven model organism databases. For any given variant or gene, MARRVEL curates information from model organism-specific databases to concurrently display a concise summary regarding the human gene homologs in budding and fission yeast, worm, fly, fish, mouse, and rat on a single webpage. Learn More