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How to Apply


1. Candidates should hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree, and be planning to apply for independent research positions within a year or so (if not already doing so).

2. Fellows who hold an NIH K99/R00, K08 award, or other similar grant award that supports the transition to independence are not eligible.

3. Candidates should be a full-time researcher or physician-scientist with at least 75% protected research time at the NRI.

4. Women, international, and minority candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.


A single PDF document should contain the following four components.

1. A research proposal (0.5-inch margin and 11-point Arial font, 2 pages) describing the significance, aims, and approaches of the project. The scope of the proposal should be appropriate for the funding period (1-2 years). Preliminary data are not required, but one additional page of figures and legends can be included. References can be added following the figures and legends page (no page limit for the references). 

2. A career development plan (1 page) describing the candidate's overall plan to establish a successful career as an independent investigator. The plan should explain how the proposed research differs from his/her postdoctoral mentor's research and state how the results from this project will be used for future job applications. The plan should also include steps to develop skills in mentorship, collaboration, and networking. The career development plan should be mutually agreed upon and signed by both the candidate and candidate's mentor.

3. A full CV of the candidate.

4. A budget (1 page) describing how the funds will be used (e.g., supplies, equipment).

One single PDF document should contain the above 4 components.

A reference letter from the postdoctoral mentor addressing the candidate’s potential to become a leader in the field should be sent directly by email to Dionysia Briscoe (


All applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee with diverse expertise (Drs. Jeannie Chin, Christophe Herman, Mirjana Maletic-Savatic, Meng Wang, and Mingshan Xue). The selected scholar will be announced by late August or early September 2022. The selection committee will provide brief constructive feedback to all applications.


1. The $50,000 fund must be used for research-associated expenses and cannot be used for the scholar’s salary and fringe benefits.

2. The start date of the award will be decided between the scholar and the program. The fund can be used over a period of 1–2 years while the scholar conducts postdoctoral research at the NRI.

3. At the end of the funding period, the scholar will present his or her research and career development activities supported by this award to an NRI-wide audience.

4. If the scholar receives an NIH K99/R00, K08 award, or other similar grant award that supports the transition to independence, the scholar will remain an NRI Zoghbi Scholar, but the unused funds should be returned to the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mingshan Xue (