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In vivo Neurophysiology Core

In vivo Neurophysiology Core

This Core provides investigators with general in vivo neurophysiology services and intensive analyses of higher brain functions at the system level in various models of neurological disorders. The goal of this Core is to understand the functional impact of genetic manipulations observed in reduced preparations (e.g., cell culture and brain slices).

Core Services

This Core provides following experimental services:

  • Cortical and brain region targeted subcortical electroencephalograms (EEG)
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • In vivo synaptic plasticity assays (Eg: hippocampal LTD/LTP in awake and anaesthesized animals)

For technical, scheduling or pricing questions, please contact the Manager or the Core Director.

Core Director

Jianrong Tang, Ph.D.

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological research Institute, N1065.15,
1250 Moursund St., Houston, TX 77030


  • Zhenyu Wu, Manager


  • Shuang Hao, Ph.D.
  • Bin Tang, Ph.D.