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The Hamill Foundation

The Hamill Foundation

Investing in the Future, Honoring the Past

Building on a long-lived tradition of strong ties and meaningful personal relationships with Texas Children's Hospital, the Hamill Foundation has designated part of a $560,000 donation to forwarding research in pediatric neurological disease.

A Personal Touch

For nearly 20 years the Hamill Foundation has supported Texas Children's Hospital, and today that legacy marches into the future with an investment in the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children's Hospital. The foundation's gift will be divided between the NRI and the hospital's Adolescent and Sports Medicine program — both areas personally meaningful to the Hamill Foundation and its values.

"The Hamill Foundation's giving is based on relationships," says Tom Brown, the foundation's grants director. "We focus on spending time really getting to know the groups we support and giving them an opportunity to get to know us. We truly believe that Texas Children's is a premier children's health center, and over the years, we've gotten to know a number of the physicians there and have witnessed firsthand the outstanding work they do. Time and time again, we've seen that they have the expertise to deal with the most complex of children's issues."

In many ways, the foundation's support of the NRI is a natural fit. Marie Hamill was a member of The Blue Bird Circle, Houston's oldest women's volunteer organization and one committed solely to supporting efforts related to pediatric neurology — even helping run the hospital's pediatric neurology clinic, which carries The Blue Bird Circle name. In addition, the foundation has for many years supported the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and more recently has become interested in causes related to autism and Rett syndrome.

About the Hamill Foundation

The Hamill Foundation was established by Houston oilman Claud Hamill and his wife, Marie, in 1969, who channeled all their giving to the Houston community through it. After the couple's deaths, the foundation's five directors — all of whom worked with and knew the Hamills — have continued to dedicate themselves to honoring the founders by supporting causes near and dear to their hearts.

"Our foundation is, I think, unique in this sense," explains Charlie Read, foundation president. "We have a real sense of responsibility about doing things in a way the Hamills would be proud of — and we're certain that Mr. Hamill in particular is still watching over us. We are proud to partner with an institution of the caliber of Texas Children's." And by supporting an innovative new approach to neurological research, the foundation directors are helping carry the Hamills' vision into the future.

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